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Bachelor's Degree

Fundamental Computer Science and IT

The program is focused on fundamental programming, software engineering and development methodologies; it also provides a broad-based coverage of networks and Internet, databases, artificial intelligence, computer security, system and network administration, multimedia, computer graphics, and user interface design.

Career Prospects

Graduate can be employed as IT dept. officer, programmer, system administrator, system analyst, database administrator, web programmer, consultant on advanced information systems etc.

Program Outline

  • Software systems development
  • Information security
  • Supercomputers and parallel programming
  • Internet technology and web design
  • Local and global computer network
  • Database management systems
  • Computer graphics and game development

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The program is aimed to prepare specialists highly qualified to solve problems in a field of mathematical and informational support of economic activity. The curriculum includes mathematical chapters, disciplines in Information Technology, Statistics, and Economics.

Career Prospects

Graduates are prepared for the job that requires in-depth fundamental skills in financial, analytical and insurance companies, banks and management.

Program Outline

  • Computer systems and parallel processing
  • Software development and documentation
  • Databases
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Numerical methods, optimization and forecasting techniques
  • Econometrics, mathematical simulation
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Business planning and enterprise management

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